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On Kongsafjellet, 2006
Photo: Dag Schroeder
©Hordaland fylkeskommune

Austevoll - Hordaland by the sea, middle section
The Austevoll land zone forms something like a circle of islands. The outer borders are the sea to the west, Selbjørnsfjorden to the south and Korsfjorden to the north. Many of the islands are linked by bridges.
Trails in Austevoll

The island is situated at the entrance to Korsfjorden. The North Sea Trail starts on the bridge between Nautøy and Kvaløy. From here, you can see the old 17th century provincial town on the north side of Nautøy. You follow the trail along the main road and come to Bakkasund on Storekalsøy. The trail follows the road south on the island, passing the cholera cemetery from 1849. You should also take the walk west to Skansen; from there, you can see Marsteinen lighthouse on a little island in the sea to the west. From ancient times, Korsfjorden has been the most important approachway to Bergen from the open sea. From Kalve, a little island on the south side, you can also take a walk up to the old pilot's cabin (from approximately 1890), where the pilots used to keep watch.

The island is by Korsfjorden. Slightly south of the island, there is a signposted looped trail starting near Torangsvåg. The trail runs west through fields to Rongja cotter's farm. Lobstering was the most important source of income for the cotter's farm.

The island is by Selbjørnsfjorden. Two North Sea Trails are signposted on Selbjørn. One trail starts in Bekkjarvik, an old trading post and inn from the 17th century. The trail goes over Kongsafjellet (185 m above sea level). There are the remains of old cairns here. Kongsafjellet was strategically positioned in relation to several shipping lanes and in relation to the king's estate at Fitjar, so for this reason it may have been part of Håkon the Good's surveillance system from Viking times. From Kongsafjellet, the trail continues to Grasdal.

The second trail on Selbjørn starts in the northwest of the island, by the bridge to Stolmen. The trail runs along the west side of lake Alfarvatn, and on into Steinsvik it is a nature reserve. The trail continues around the south end of lake Raugavatnet and down into Horvik valley. Down in Horvik, there are two cotter's farms. The trail swings north to the dam at Lake Kvernavatn and then continues to Gauksheim.

The island is right out in the sea southwest of Austevoll. The North Sea Trail starts in Kvalvåg, a trading post with an inn as far back as the 17th century. The trail starts by Lake Stangelandsvatn and continues south through isolated areas. A short distance south of the lake, on a range of hills, we see what remains of German bunkers from the Second World War. The trail runs within Samsonstykket, a cotter's farm, and continues to Årland farm. Here, you can follow the rural road down to Stolmavågen, a special seaside environment linked to fishing and trading and recorded as long ago as the 17th century. Pilots and customs officers were also stationed here. They took an active part in the work of piloting and collecting duty on Krossfjorden and Selbjørnsfjorden.

Author: Aud Karin Skagen, 2006
Region: Hordaland, Austevoll
Published: 2006-11-06
Route description
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Skansen, 1999
Photo: Gunn Nordal
©Hordaland fylkeskommune

Rongja 2003
Photo: Aud Karin Skagen
©Hordaland fylkeskommune

On the way up Kongsafjellet, 2006
Photo: Dag Schroeder
©Hordaland fylkeskommune

From Samsonstykket, 2000
Photo: Aud Karin Skagen
©Hordaland fylkeskommune